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ORTEGA Guitars is major partner of THOMANN UKULELE DAY II

ORTEGA GUITARS is proud major partner of THOMANN UKULELE DAY II , held at Thomann´s amphitheater on SEPTEMBER, 24th, 2016.

Besides a ukulele contest with great prices from ORTEGA to win, we send 3 of our artists to act together with the audience.

Price decorated RÜDIGER EISENHAUER invites for a Ukulele Workshop, Bass Wizard ANDREW "The Bullet" Lauer shows that the ORTEGA uke-basses are everything other than a toy and finally permanent Radio/TV guest SEBASTIAN NICKLAUS enters the stage with his ukes for a kind of different concert.

THOMANN UKULELE DAY II - in cooperation with ORTEGA GUITARS - is FREE to enter and kicks off at 10am