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Constantin Kilian - "Untitled Novel"

When visiting our headquarter, Berlin-based guitar player Constantin Kilian recorded this enjoyable original fingerstyle piece on the brand-new RCE238SN-FT-L from the Performer Series.

As a left-handed person, you don’t need us to tell you it can be difficult finding a stringed instrument with the exact features, fit, and feel you are looking for.

At Ortega Guitars, we understand this challenge, which is why we offer one of the widest selections of left-handed stringed instruments on the market. 

Here you can find 60 models of guitars, ukuleles, acoustic basses, mandolins, and banjos specifically designed for the wide variety of left-handed players out there.  

With our broad selection of sizes, colors, neck widths and configurations, you are sure to find the perfect instrument for your needs, without the typical “lefty upcharge”!

Our left-handed instruments offer all the features for which we have become known as Ortega Guitars. Amenities like armrests, built-in electronics, and options to choose from like various tonewoods and colors complete the offered product range. Also, most of the instruments come with an included Ortega gig-bag. Some models, like the RCE238SN-FT-L as seen in the picture and video have been released exclusively as a left-handed versions.


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Chord Chart

Here´s a small overview of the most important guitar and ukulele chords - for left-handed players! You can download the pdf file on the link below.

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