Learn from your heroes


Mastering an instrument is often a very time-consuming effort, but with the help of a good instructor, you can reach your goals with ease. 

Regardless if you want to learn in a one-on-one session directly from your musical hero, achieve a deeper knowledge in songwriting and recording or you're looking for sheet music for specific songs, here you can connect with your favorite musician.

We´ll keep this page updated with more musicians to come. Feel free to contact them through the respective website/ email link. 

AndrÉs Colin

Andres Colin plays a variety of musical genres from classical guitar to bossanova and rock.


Ben Woods

With Ben Woods´ authentic sheet music, you can learn how to play in his signature “Flametal” style. You´ll find a long list with videos and transcriptions of original songs and covers on his Sellfy page.


Billy Watman

Billy is currently studying classical guitar at the world-famous Royal College of Music in London. He is well known online for his classical arrangements of pop and rock songs including “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen and “Mr. Crowley” by Ozzy Osbourne. Billy offers intermediate and advanced online video teaching for nylon string players of all genres.


Carlos Rodriguez

As well as providing online guitar lessons in a wide range of styles from folk and acoustic to rock and metal, Carlos can also help you with your compositions, arrangements, and music theory.


Julian Scarcella

As a proficient jazz guitar player, Julian can teach you both playing guitar and ukulele and also how to implement live-looping and effects. Besides, he has the know-how in recording techniques and explains even complex topics easily understandable.



Kevuan music school is an academy of fingerstyle for guitar, bass, and ukulele players. You will find many great musicians and teachers like Don Ross, Antoine Dufour, Adrian Bellue, Alexandr Misko, and more coming. Also, you will find some wonderful Ortega artists as Geordie Little, Ali Deniz Kardelen, Billy Watman, Kevuan, and Aram Bedrosian. The school is in English, French, and Spanish with different tools like scales, chords and tuning as well. Have fun!


Kristóf Svajcsik

As a professional musician, composer, educator, director, and teacher of a popular guitar school in Budapest, Kristof is providing online guitar (from classical to modern genres) and ukulele lessons. Thanks to his advanced pedagogic background he developed his method and philosophy which works well even in the youngest class.



Kyriacos Hadjitoffis

Kyriacos, the founder of KTH Music Research LTD, is offering online guitar, bass, music theory lessons, and master classes via Skype, Facebook Messenger, and Zoom. The educational material, like charts and videos, is sent online.  


Luke Appleton

In Luke’s guitar and bass lessons, you can expect to be taught songs with a focus on timing and technique. Luke can also help expand your musical creativity on your instrument and in your songwriting by demonstrating an innovative approach to compositional texture and structure.


Ronja Maltzahn

Songwriting lessons with Ronja: The world pop artist has written hundreds of pop songs (for piano, guitar, cello, loop station, in different languages) and likes to share her concepts, philosophy, tips, and techniques for creative self-realization!



Sanne Verbogt

Sanne is offering bass guitar lessons (all styles, all levels of playing), music theory lessons and improvisation (all instruments), and preparation lessons for the music theory auditions on conservatories (all instruments). 


Meinl Brands