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Here you´ll find an updated insight into Ortega Guitars events, stringed instrument related content, and info about your favorite artist.

Christmas Giveaway

This Christmas we´re giving away four cool prizes on our Instagram!

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Halloween Giveaway

We´ve arranged a very special Ortega Guitars Halloween giveaway for you! On our Instagram channel you can one of two exclusive ukuleles.

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Video Pre-release 2

Watch Julian Scarcella´s Ukulele Metal Vol. 4 as a premiere here!

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Ortega loves lefties

On the occasion of this 44th International Lefthanders Day, we have released one of the widest selections of instruments specifically designed for the wide variety of left-handed players out there.  

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Summer Giveaway

We´ve arranged an Ortega Guitars summer giveaway for you! On our Instagram channel you can win one of three cool prizes.

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Video Pre-Release

Each Sunday we upload a new video from our Ortega Guitars live session on YouTube and IGTV. Here you have the chance to watch the latest video release even days earlier. Stay tuned for more videos to come!

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25th Anniversary

The celebration for our 25th anniversary has taken place on April, 6th 2019 at our headquarter in Gutenstetten, Germany. On this occasion, we have released a set of various limited instruments. 

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Online Lessons

Connect with our artists for online lessons, video tutorials, and authentic sheet music for various music-related topics.

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Keiki® designer series

Unique designs creatd by Guglielmo Gasloli
An Italian artist trained in the environment of street art, his style is characterized by a horror-vacui of subjects elaborated by his “flow of conscience”. His style is rich in colors, geometries, and attention to detail. He created a set of custom designs for us - each one with a beautifully arranged theme.

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Ortega acoustic amplification

With introducing the first acoustic amplification head, Ortega Guitars are setting a milestone in flexibility and sound.

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Meinl Brands