Ortega News

New video online! DREAM THEATER - Panic Attack! Arranged for Nylonstring by Netherland mastermind Thomas Zwijsen.

Without a doubt Thomas Zwiesen can be counted among the exceptional talents on the Nylonstring, especially since he PERFECT manages to show the younger generation impressively that a "CLASSICAL GUITAR" is not just only another boring [...]

SCORPIONS bass player Pawel Maciwoda joins the ORTEGA ACOUSTIC BASS family.

 >100 Millionen records sold: THE SCORPIONS After more than 100.000.000 records sold the SCORPIONS still surprice the world with new and unexpected ideas. September 2013 - the SCORPIONS recorded 3 shows in Athens/Greece for MTV [...]

Jorgen Carlsson of Government Mule recording at the Grooveworx Studio Santa Monica/Los Angeles

With 2 million paid song downloads through their site MuleTracks, seven critically acclaimed studio records already released, a handful of DVDs and live albums, plus an ever-expanding fanbase and sold-out coast-to-coast tours, Gov't Mule could [...]

KT-WALKER bass meets his namesake

On time for Peter Maffays EXTRATOUR 2013 bass player KEN TAYLOR met  the first time his new signature model - the KT-WALKER. Ken: (..) this one does not go with the truck or my tech...no way....it will stay with me in the bus, on the [...]

Ortega welcomes German bass legend FRANK ITT

FRANK ITT is one of the most hired session bass players in Germany. He played inter alia  with The Touch, Terence Trent D'Arby, Jennifer Rush, Julee Cruise, Michael Sagmeister, Love Newkirk, Groove Ministers, Till Bronner, the Jazzkantine and [...]

Ortega welcomes Rajko Gohlke - bass player for KNORKATOR

Knorkator is THE rock band from Berlin/Germany. They describe themselves as Germany's "most band in the world".Bass player Rajko Gohlke likes to use the acoustic bass  and has a an Ortega D2-4 made ​​its own! Welcome Rajko!

Ortega welcomes SAMUEL REICHERT - bass player for MIC DONET

Samuel is currently a permanent band member of the Soul Singer Mic Donet. Mic Donet is an Universal Music major artist and with his latest record "Plenty of Love"  they made it into  the Top 10 of the German album charts.. Fall [...]

Thomas Zwijsen/ The Netherlands plays JADE-NY

An extraordinaire talent!Thomas Zwijsen from Holland is extremely valuable not only with his solopojekt "NYLON MAIDEN" - did you ever hear IRON MAIDEN songs on a nylon string ? .... it did not remain long undetected, so BLAZE BAYLEY, [...]

Ortega welcomes Rue Kostron - bass player for the Christina Stürmer Band

In 2013 Christina Stürmer - Austria's export hit #1 hits the road again with a long awaited new album. New to the team is bass player RUE KOSTRON supplying the DEEP tones for the Christina Stürmer band. Inter alia RUE takes a KTSM-5 on the [...]

Ortega welcomes VOODOO MARMALADE - THE Uku Orchestra from Portugal.

It couldn´t be more crazy. Pure enthusiasm and fantastic arrangements. Tinged classic - but suddenly Mozart and Beethoven turn into rappers; UKULELE rappers! A fantastic "UKULELE boygroup" who had a crush on our LIZARD Ukulele Series .... [...]