CITES regulations


Since January 2017, the whole world of musical instrument makers, suppliers and users are hearing and talking about new so called CITES regulations & laws. This produces a lot of shakiness and open questions as nobody wants get in a conflict. We want to inform you about the most important facts of the CITES regulations you have to consider as a consumer and also give you some materials you can use to solve the situation properly. 

First of all : You´re making nothing wrong owning or purchasing a music instrument that contains wood species that is described here!


What is CITES?

CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) regulates the international trade with threatened plants (and wild life animals).


What is new about CITES?

All rosewood types (latin : Dabergia) and other tropical timbers achieved a higher ranking (rank II) in the CITIES appendix during a meeting oft he CITES organisation in autumn 2016. They are no longer listed in appendix I but now in appendix II. Brazilian Rosewood (Dalbergia Negra) is even listed in appendix I for serveral years now. That means the trade with these timbers is regulated more strictly, but it does not mean that the trade of the listed tropical timbers is  forbitten – it is just regulated freshly with some rules to follow. These new regulations are valid since January 2nd, 2017.


What is the goal of CITES?

CITES states that their main goal is to optimize the documentation of legal trading routes and to make the reforestation of the current population of threatened plants more sustainable.


This general  introduction leads us now to the main effects on the consumer market.


Buying a new guitar in 2017

ORTEGA GUITARS provides all neccessary and requested informations to our dedicated dealers about which proof relevant woods are used on our guitars and how many grams are used. If you are buying a new Ortega Guitar in 2017 your dealer will pass on this informations of all timbers being relevant for CITES attached to our invoice you receive as a buyer. THAT´S ALL YOU NEED ! 


Owning a guitar that was bought before 2017

The ownership of instruments that are affected by CITES is  NOT prohibited. You do not need a special certificate for private use or travelling with an affected instrument in the EU territory. NOTHING CHANGES FOR YOU!


Travelling with your instrument outside the EU

For travelling with an CITES affected instrument outside the EU it is very important that the overall weight of CITES listed timbers does not exceed the 10 kg mark. As an Ortega Guitar does not include more than appx.  250 gr -  800 gr of rosewood  in complete there will not be any problem (even if you take several guitars with you). But you should consider to request a traveller pass at your local environmental authority. If you are from Germany you could use this link and download the sheet  „221“.

The federal office for nature explaines the context of the musical instrument certification:
The declaration using document 221 is exclusively for personal use, for performances at music events, recording sessions, for educational purposes or competitions as well as it includes a sales ban & a ban on the transfer of ownership to other persons. Any commercial use is therefore excluded!



Selling a guitar that contains rosewood parts

If you want to sell a new guitar with CITES II affected parts you should be able to add informations about the concrete type and amount of CITES II timber used for the guitar. Please follow this link to download our list of instruments (you will need microsoft excel or a similar software to open a .xlsx file) that come with CITES II protected timbers containing all the important infos you need for the sale.


If you want to sell a used guitar you should consider to register your instrument before at your local environmental authority. If you live in Germany you can use this form for the registration.


Please add the invoice , dated pictures or other proofes declaring that the instrument was bought/in your possesion before 2017  to your cover note.


For more information about the new CITIES II regulations for tonewood timbers please contact your local environmental authority. In Germany the authority in charge is the Bundesamt für Naturschutz.


For more informations about CITIES II affected instruments built by Ortega Guitars please feel free to contact us directly at:


All other countries please use info(at)