ORTEGA - your guitar: ATG44NH
  • Strings
  • Nylon Guitar Strings


  • hard tension
  • silver plated copper / plant nylon
  • 100% Organic Treble Strings
  • Extra D String


ATMOSPHERE GREEN - a Revolutionary step in achieving the ultimate Organic Sound!

ORTEGA Guitars Atmosphere Green strings are created and manufactured in Italy.  By replacing traditional oil based treble strings with a newly developed nylon material, made from 100% plant-based products, ORTEGA Guitars sets a new standard for an environmentally friendly future for guitar string production.  During the production process, carbon emissions are reduced by more than 50%.  This is our small but important contribution to a cleaner and greener planet.  This newly developed string material delivers a perfect combination of clarity and warmth, a punchy tone, incredible projection, precise intonation, and long-lasting tuning stability.

6th E5th A4th D3rd G2nd B1st E
1.08 mm
0.90 mm
0.70 mm
0.84 mm
0.74 mm



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