ORTEGA - your guitar: RCE158SN
  • Nylon String Guitars
  • Performer Series


  • ORTEGA MagusPro Preamp System
  • slim neck 48mm
  • inclusive gigbag

Size, body





The MagusPro-NL

Designed from scratch, the priority of the new Orteganylon preamp EQ was to support the natural sound of your nylon stringed instrument. Your personal preferred tone can be adjusted by our special nylon voiced EQ.

• phase turn switch to eliminate feedback frequencies

• bass/mid/treble controls

• extremely fast and accurate two color display tuner

• one touch – signal muted

• pickup with 6 seperate crystals to catch every string 100% perfect*

 *a running change in 2013 for RE, RCE, standard on FEEL Series

Canadian Spruce

Wood, top

Canadian Spruce

Solid Top


Solid Top

Savarez 500CJ


Savarez 500CJ

The 500CJ set is made of NEW CRISTAL trebles and CORUM wound basses

Learn more about SAVAREZ STRINGS used by ORTEGA here





Wood, back


Ortega 12hole Bridge

Ortega 12hole Bridge

ORTEGA 12hole bridge:

THE groundbreaking improvement for sound; tuning stability and faster response of the guitar top.

Normal ONLY be found on classical instruments from the upper class we build ALL our classical instruments starting from the entry level with our new ORTEGA 12hole bridge.   

Musician and sound artist Udo Kamjunke explaines how easy it is to make use of our new 12hole tailpiece. WATCH THE VIDEO!


Special: Slim neck (SN)

SN stands to describe a slim neck we use on our "SN" guitars. Comparing to a traditional 52mm width at nut we use a 48mm width at nut on our SN models. This gives a more comfortable feeling while playing and also is perfect for players with bit smaller hands and shorter fingers.


Color natural
Wood, top Canadian Spruce
Finish, top gloss
Wood, back walnut
Finish, back gloss
Wood, neck solid mahogany
Finish, neck gloss
Neck type Spanish heel with 2way truss rod
Wood, fretboard Blackwood
Binding, fretboard Walnut
Wood, bridge Blackwood
Tuner Ortega, gold plated
Electronic ORTEGA MagusPro-NL
Fret 19
Binding, body Walnut
Scalelength 650
Nut width 48 mm

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