ORTEGA - your guitar: OTCLS-5JJ
  • Accessory
  • Cables & Power


  • 5 feet | 1,5 m length
  • TRUE 12 AWG (American Wirge Gauge) rated
  • High End Quality and Construction
  • Extra Thick 10.0 mm durable & flexible rubber jacket


Ortega Guitars loudspeaker cables are manufactured using the highest grade materials in the industry. The copper wire is rated in AWG which stands for „American Wire Gauge“. The AWG rating was developed in the USA as a result of wire manufacturers stating their wire with a certain spec when it wasn‘t a fact.

ONLY AWG rating gives you the real industry standard and safety.

The all-metal, nickel-plated classic connectors provide durability and exceptional performance.

Ortega Tour Series Speaker Cables are the premium connection between instrument and speaker.

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