Thank you very much for purchasing an Ortega guitar!

Each and every Ortega guitar is built with the utmost attention to care and detail, so it will give you many years of enjoyment. Please take a moment to read the following instructions regarding care and maintenance in order to keep your new Ortega guitar in superb condition:

We use only well-dried wood for building our guitars. Nevertheless, the guitar's wood remains a very special material that will change even after the production process. The key factors are humidity and temperature.

At high humidity levels the following symptoms may appear:

  • The curvature of the guitar's top and back could increase or decrease
  • Guitar geometry may change slightly and the neck deforms
  • At extreme humidity levels (> 70%) the frets could overhang
  • The guitar's tone may change to a dull and muted sound

Even low humidity levels can affect the guitar negatively:

  • The guitar's top and back curvature could decrease and sink in
  • The fretboard may shrink, causing sharply overhanging frets
  • The guitar's wooden bridge and bracing could unglue and get loose
  • Cracks may occur in the guitar's finish

What to do?

If your instrument shows some of the aforementioned changes, it is IMMEDIATELY time to optimize the given climatic surroundings. Then the curvature of the guitar's top and back will re-form and even the guitar's resonance will be restored very close to its original condition. But be careful: A permanent humidity level of a very high or low nature can cause serious and irreparable damages.

Always care for your instrument!

That's why you should never store you guitar within moist rooms. Even Gigbags and cases can`t do all! Use your case or Gigbag for transporting your instrument and be careful that your guitar is not kept in places with direct solar radiation or heat sources. Don't leave your guitar inside your car. Due to the sunshine, the car will heat, resulting in a possible dissolution of glued fixations, causing permanent damage to your guitar.

So you should check humidity levels regularly and keep your Ortega guitar only in places of ideal climatic conditions between 50% and 60% relative humidity. Useful tools such as acoustic-guitar humidifiers and humidity temperature sensors e.g. from Planet Waves will help you to ensure proper care for your guitar.

We are wishing you many years of pleasure playing your new Ortega guitar.