About Ortega

The starting point for our modern company was the crafting of guitars along classical Spanish lines. Today we have taken traditional guitar-making to new levels, developing instruments that are tailored listening to our customers’ requirements. And in doing so we use all our senses – listening to them, fingering them, gauging their shape and colour. The results can be found in every single instrument we make – which you have helped to create! Connecting all these things together allows us to on pulse of time.

this is how it starts
this is how it starts (2)
a profile miller copies the final sample to a new neck
spruce and rosewood waiting to be cutted
bookmatched spruce tops
side mold
pre-cutted top bracings
sides, sides, sides
the wedding
roughly done
sides of bubinga wood await their tops and bottoms
one of our master luthiers inside  CMS department
custom master selection
sweaty work
fret mill
the wedding (2)
making a rosette
glue-in of top binding
re-cutting a top bracing
CNC cut of side bindings´ space
rough cut of bracings
traditional lashing of body
strenghening the soundhole
strenghening the sides
cedar wood