Service & QC (quality control)

Representative for a team of 8 highly qualified service people Paul Bennett, head of Ortega QC, shows that your guitar, your acoustic bass, your uke, your mandolin - say EVERYTHING that has a neck and strings will leave for authorized Ortega dealers in perfect condition. All Ortega instruments have to pass this quality check with same effort and carefulness. It´s no odds which price range.

Every single instrument must pass a quality check BEFORE leaving our productions for our centralized logistic center in Germany. Anyhow (like you would see a docter for a security check after a long travel) NONE of these instruments are able to leave our logistic before a 2nd QC (quality control) is done by Paul and the Ortega QC team. They re-check, adjust if necessary and sign their names with the final proof.

This additional service and every single minute it takes is worth spending. This way we make 100% sure that only those instruments will be ready for you inside shops we love to play ourselves.