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Ortega raffle to celebrate International Left-Handers Day

Once a year on August 13th, left-handers all over the world celebrate the International Left-Handers Day and draw attention to their specific needs. Many everyday objects, from scissors to a computer mouse, are often not suited for left-handers. The same applies to many types of musical instruments. Therefore, it is one of Ortega’s main priorities to offer a broad selection of left-hand acoustic guitars, basses and ukuleles. To celebrate this year’s International Left-Handers Day, Ortega is giving away a R131L left-hand acoustic guitar from the Natural Family Series on Facebook. The raffle has started today and ends on August 12th. The winner will be drawn and announced on August 13th. To enter the raffle,  please visit the Ortega Guitars Facebook page (http://on.fb.me/13GC1Es) and click on the “Raffle” page tab.
Good luck!