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One jam, one goal! Ortega Ukulele Jam @ thomann Sommer 2016 with Sanne Verbogt

The Ortega Guitars Ukulele jam at the „Thomann Sommerfest 2016“ brings generations together.

In our days nearly everybody has the opportunity to learn an instrument on their own – thanks to youtube and the social media. Though everybody playing an instrument for a longer period knows that you learn the fastest way, if you jam with other musicians (especially if they are more experienced than yourself). That is exactly the goal of our „Ukulele Jam“ at the Thomann Sommerfest hosted by our artist Sanne Verbogt from the Netherlands.

Sanne will teach every attendee the basic knowledge about the ukulele. In the end the whole group – young and old, freshmen and pros -  will perform one song together, while helping each other to find the right chords on the fretboard and turning into an advanced ukulele student in just one day. To be honest: There is nothing more exciting like sharing one stage with people who hold the same kind of love for music as you do.

Don't miss the date: 12th, June 2016 | Treppendorf | Germany

You will find more information via the thomann blog.