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"Die Fantastischen Vier" - MTV "unplugged" II - They did it again! Bass player Markus Kössler "The Kanzler" surrounded by Ortega basses.

They made history and do it again!

"Die Fantasischen Vier", fondly called FANTA4 are THE veterans and pioneers of the German rap / hip-hop scene. Known for the craziest things the Stuttgart guys followed the call of MTV music television into the Balver cave to deliver a unique concert "under earth"


In the history of MTV the "4" are the first and so far only band called 2 times to perform for MTV's "unplugged".

On bass, as always confident: Mr. Markus "The Kanzler" Koessler.

In the cutlery drawer: KTSM-5, D-WH WALKER, RLIZARD-BS