Ortega News

Our first time at Music China, Shanghai

We are happy to announce that we will display at this year's Music China fair for the first time. You find our booth at W3G11. Feel free to come by and have a little chat about guitars, ukuleles and more. We are looking forward to meeting you all. [...]

Premium Connection - The Ortega Tour Series Loudspeaker Cables

Ortega Tour Series Speaker Cables are manufactured using the highestgrade materials in the industry. The copper wire is rated in AWG which stands for „American Wire Gauge“. The AWG rating was developed in the USA to define an industry standard for [...]

Hand made it Spain. The new 25th anniversary models have arrived.

With introducing the 25th ANNIVERSARY models Ortega Guitars set a real highlight in arts & design for stringed instruments in 2019. By choosing extraordinary materials and combining them in an astonishing way those models stand out from what you [...]

We have your back ! The OWBP backpack is here.

Whether you‘re looking for a simple option to get your valuables from Point A to Point B, or a business bag featuring all the bells and whistles for travelling , the Ortega Walker Backpack will fit your needs. Thanks to it's various storing [...]

One tool to re-string them all! The OSWC-3H is here.

The Ortega Guitars String Winder & Cutter is a 3-in-1 tool for ukulele, guitar and bass maintenance featuring a peg winder, bridge pin puller, and string clipper.Thanks to it's 3 interchangeable heads for ukulele, guitar and bass you are [...]

Hang on ! New wall hangers available.

Additional to our popular OGHAD-1 guitar and bass wall hanger we now offer two versions featuring a cherry wood and walnut ground plate. Our wall hangers a perfect for use at home or in your studio. Thanks to the adjustable joint you free to decide [...]

Ortega Guitars is displaying at this year's SUMMER NAMM 2019

We are excited to announce that we are displaying at this year's SUMMER NAMM in Nashville, Tennessee. As always we have some great product news on display for you. Feel free to visit our booth #1101 and try out our new 25th Anniversary guitar and [...]

It is time to make a change! Let's go green.

It was about time to rethink our idea of a resistant and sustainable nylon guitar string. What we came up with has manifested in our new ATMOSPHERE STRING series guitar string sets. Featuring 100% plant-based trebles strings instead of using [...]

Ortega Guitars wins BEST IN SHOW AWARD at NAMM 2019

We are overwhelmed and proud to win this year's "BEST IN SHOW AWARD" at NAMM 2019. We have put a lot of effort, creativity and time into our products and it feels awesome to see that everything paid off. But our instruments would not be [...]

Ortega Guitars is defining the difference again @ NAMM 2019

The world's most popular music trade show is approaching soon and we are really proud to be a part of it again. We have not spared time nor effort to create some awesome, new produts for you waiting to be tried out. So make your way to Hall E and [...]